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Is Your Smartwatch Giving Away Your Passwords?

by Kate Lynch on 2016-11-23T14:57:12-05:00 | Comments

Did you know that your smartwatch could be giving away your ATM PIN? Or your personal passwords?

A new research study from the Stevens Institute of Technology and Binghamton University has shown that wearable devices such as Smartwatches pose a serious security risk to users. According to the study, which was published in the 2016 Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security, researchers were able to hack Smartwatches and retrieve private PINs and passwords with 80% accuracy on the first attempt and 90% accuracy after three attempts.

Even though wearable devices track health and medical activities, their size and computing power doesn't allow for robust security measures, which makes the data within more vulnerable to attack.

As the use of fitness trackers and other types of wearable devices continues to increase, it is crucial to understand the security vulnerabilities of these devices. Findings such as these mark the beginnings of new research into greater security for our wearable devices.


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