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Net Neutrality

by Kate Lynch on 2017-01-24T10:12:29-05:00 in Core Database, Information Technology | Comments

Ajit Pai Designated as Chairman of FCC

Commissioner Ajit Pai has recently been confirmed as the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Responses to this news have been mixed, with some people expressing faith that Chairman Pai will manage the FCC well (Forbes Magazine), while others express fear that the appointment constitutes a threat to net neutrality (NPR).

What do you think? For more information on Chairman Pai and the issues surrounding net neutrality, check out the resources below! 


Who is Ajit Pai?

To find out more about Chairmain Pai and the FCC, visit the FCC's official website, where you can view his past statements and speeches: 


Net Neutrality: What Is It?

To learn more about net neutrality, including an overview of the topic as well as arguments surrounding current discussions of net neutrality, check out the ANU Library's Points of View Reference Center Database:



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