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Amazon Go...?

by Unknown User on 2018-01-25T16:30:11-05:00 | Comments

Amazon has slowly been adding brick and mortar book stores and their latest adventure is Amazon Go. Amazon Go is a new type of store that changes the way you shop for food. It claims to have no lines and no checkouts, essentially making it cashier-less.  Take a look at the articles below and a video from Amazon. Do you think this is the future? What will happen to cashiers in the future? Also something to think about, what if someone doesn't have a smart phone to download the Amazon Go app? Do you think there could be potential issues for a cashier-less society? 


Amazon Go Video 

Inside Amazon Go, A Store of the Future

We Accidently Took a Yogurt from Amazon's New Grocery Store Without Paying, but Amazon Told Us to Keep It  

Amazon Debuts "Go" Store with No Cashiers or Checkout Lines 

People are Waiting in Line Wrapped Around the Block to Shop at Amazon's New Store that Claims to Ban Lines

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