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eBook Help

eBook Contents Explained

As you can see on the left hand side of this guide ("eBook Contents"), these are your options for when you are in an eBook.

You should see at the top the tabs: contents, search within, and my notes.

Contents show you a break down of the chapters in the eBook, you can click on that chapter and it will take you directly to it. 

Search within allows you to search for a specific topic in that eBook, such as searching for labs in a phlebotomy book. 

My notes allows you to create notes within the eBook.

At the bottom, you will notice that you have several viewing options: you can zoom in or out, you can expand the eBook to full view, and decrease back to normal view.

Reading & Saving Options

Reading Options

There are two to three reading options: PDF full text and EPUB full text (however both may not be available) and another option called  "Download this eBook (offline)." You will need to login to you EBSCOHost account to read this as it will be available offline. 

*One of the main differences between PDF Full Text and EPUB Full Text, is that in PDF form you can create notes in the eBook, where as in EPUB that option is not available. Not every eBook will have the EPUB option.*

Print Options

When you are in the actual eBook itself, there is no print option. To get around this you will need to save it and then download to your computer.

Saving Options

You may click on the folder to save the eBook to your folder

However, this will only save the eBooks you put into that folder for the session.

If you want to keep the eBooks in your folder beyond the session, you will need to sign in and create your free EBSCO account.

Printing Options

For each eBook you are limited to the amount of pages you can save, in this case you are limited to only 100 pages from the eBook. It does not have to be 100 consecutive pages, if can be various pages or a chapter.