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Search Options

When you select a field you will have multiple options. You will also notice that you have the option to us Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT) in this search. Therefore, you can search different fields at the same time by using the Boolean Operators. These are the fields you can search by:

  • All Text Fields
  • Title
  • Author
  • Subject
  • Category
  • ISBN
  • Year of Publication
  • Publisher

Then you have Search Modes & Expanders. By using the modes and expanders you will abe able to widen your search.

  • Boolean/Phrase (using AND, OR, NOT)
  • Find all my search terms (uses AND when searching: blood analysis AND laboratory) 
  • Find any of my search terms (will find any of the words you search, not necessarily in any order. This uses OR: blood analysis OR laboratory)
  • SmartText Searching (you can enter any information: a quote, title, phrase, paragraph, etc.)

Within the Search modes you can:

  • Apply related words
  • Also search within the full text of the articles
  • Apply equivalent subjects

You are also able to limit your results, this will narrow your search results:

  • Full text (brings up only full text articles)
  • Published Date (limit your search before, after, or  between a specific date range)
  • Title
  • Language (limit your search for articles in a specific language)
  • Author (limit your search to articles written by a certain author) 
  • Publisher (limit to articles from a certain publisher)
  • ISBN

Search Failed

If your search failed and there were no results, try unmarking one of the limiters you placed on the search.

If you are still receiving no results, try using different words or using Boolean Operators.