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eBook Help


You are given many tools (typically located on the right hand side) when you open an eBook:

  • You can add it to your folder, print, send yourself or a friend an email with the link to the eBook. If you want to keep the eBooks in your folder beyond the session, you will need to sign in and create your free EBSCO account.
  • You can also save an HTML version to your computer.
  • There is cite tool that will show you how the article should be cited in different styles.
  • The export tool will allow you to export the citations to a citation manager such as EasyBib, EndNote, ProCite, and more.
  • Another useful tool, is the create note about the book and within the book. (In order to save your notes beyond the session, you would need to sign in or create an EBSCO account. It's free.)
  • You can access the permalink, which will provide you a link to the eBook.
  • Lastly, you have the option to share  via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.