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Evaluating Websites

What is a URL?

The acronym URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator

A URL  is essentially a reference (or address) to a website's unique location on the Internet. A URL is made up of several parts, and even if you're not familiar with the term "URL," you're probably already familiar with its basic structure. The following are examples of simple URLs:


One important part of a URL is the domain name. In the examples below, the domain names are written in red. 


Learn From the Website's Domain Name

Examining a website's domain name can give you clues about the site's origin, authority, and purpose.

The most common top-level domain names are:

.gov: short for government.
  • The .gov domain name is used by United States federal, state, and local government entities, such as the Department of Homeland Security. The purpose of .gov sites to inform, teach, post public documents, present statistics or other research findings, and support the agencies and services of the United States government. Example: (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
 .mil: short for military.
  • The .mil domain name is used by the agencies, services, and organizations of belong to the United States Department of Defense.The purpose of .mil sites is to support the agencies, services, and divisions of the United States Military. Example: (NORAD)
.edu: short for education.
  • The .edu domain name is used by United States-affiliated institutions of higher education. The purpose of .edu sites is generally to inform or teach.  Example: (ANU Library)
.org: short for organization. 
  • The .org domain name is commonly used by non-profit organizations, although this is not always the case. The purpose of .org sites can be to sway opinion or gather support. Example: (Alzheimer's Association)
.com: short for commercial.
  • The .com domain name is used by commercial entities, such as companies or private corporations. The purpose of .com sites is usually to promote a product or a service.  Example: (Target Corporation)
.net: short for network.
  • The .net domain name is used for a variety of general purposes. Although it was initially intended for use by internet service providers, .net is commonly used as an alternative to .com. The purpose of .net sites is generally similar to those of .com sites. Example: (Alzheimer's Support Community)