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The University of Fairfax supports you through the dissertation process by providing you access to a wide variety of library research databases, including dissertation databases.  Additionally; dedicated faculty, staff, and the University Librarian are available to answer any questions you may have.  Explore this page and the tabs above for more information on these resources.

Foundations of a Literature Review

As a doctoral student, one of the key components of your dissertation is conducting and writing a literature review.  Your literature review will form the foundation for your independent research.  It will provide justification, through supporting evidence, that your research questions are meaningful and that your research methodology incorporates a new approach to the topic.  Conducting a literature review is a journey that should be wide reaching in both exploring scholarly resources, as well as in varying search terms related to your topic.  Generally;  a literature review is not guided by a specific number of sources, but rather exploring themes that emerge in the literature until you are satisfied that you have identified all of the major research themes on your topic.

Literature Review Concept Map