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APA Style Guide

Basic Format

The title page of the document is the first page in your paper, and it needs to contain the following items, in order:

  • Title of the Paper
  • Author’s Name (that’s you!)
  • Institutional Affiliation (i.e., The University of Fairfax)

The title page should also include a page header and page numbers.

  • The page header on your title page should read, "Running Head: TITLE OF YOUR PAPER"
  • The running head should be in the upper left-hand corner of the paper, and the page numbers should be in the upper right-hand corner.

Basic Format:

  • Title, author's name, and institutional affiliation should be centered in the top half of the page.
  • Text should be double spaced.
  • Title: no more than 12 words long.
  • Author: Include your first name, middle initial, and last name.
  • Institutional Affiliation: the organization where you have completed your research.

Sample Title Page