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Useful Applications

  • First Aid App: “The official American Red Cross First Aid App gives you instant access to the information you need to know to handle the most common first aid emergencies. With videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice it’s never been easier to know first aid.” Free  iOS  Android
  • Human Anatomy!: “The Human Anatomy application is a SIMPLE educational quick reference app that contains the information of nineteen different biological systems.”  Free  iOS  Android
  • IDdx: Infections Disease Queries“IDdx was built for queries. Users can find lists of matching infectious diseases by picking disease search criteria. The user can see all the symptoms associated with a disease or see all the disease associated with a symptom.” Free  iOS  Android
  • Lab Values Reference: “This app is perfect for both academic and clinical settings, providing clear, concise coverage of 375 of the most commonly performed laboratory tests. Organized by body system and lab panels, and presented in a consistent format with normal findings, indications, test explanation, test results and clinical significance.” $3.99 iOS  Android 
  • Medscape:“Medscape provides fast and accurate clinical answers at the point-of-care and is the leading medical resource for physicians, medical students, nurses, and other health careprofessionals.” Free  iOS  Android
  • MTBC ICD 9-10: “MTBC innovative application for ICD-10 transition is an extraordinary tool for medical practices and physicians to convert ICD-0 diagnostic codes to ICD-10 versions of comprehensive coding. This hand time-saving tool includes all the ICD-9 codes and their respective ICD-10 codes. Our ICD-9-10 converter provides you a fast ICD 10 code searching which you may also add to favorites. It’s a one tap access to your specialty’s most used ICD 9 and their corresponding ICD 10 codes.”  Free  iOS  Android
  • NCSBN Learning Extension’s Medication Flashcard:“Preparing for the NCLEX? Discover a simpler way to master drug information as part of your NCLEX review. Study thousands of drugs grouped into manageable categories, all with common actions and effects. Quickly access interesting facts about medications that will stick with you as you prepare for the NCLEX.”  Free iOS  Android
  • Nursing Central: “Nursing Central is the premier source of disease, drug, and test information for nurses. Five fully integrated, trusted reference plus valuable tools make finding answers fast and easy.” Everything in you need in one place. There are flashcards, videos, images, and figures. You can even make your own notes and highlight information within the entries.  Free  iOS Android