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Library Advisory Board Charge

American National University/National College
Library Advisory Board


Purpose: The Library Advisory Board (LAB) has been established to identify issues and evaluate suggestions regarding library resources and services provided to the institution. Board members will receive input from faculty, students, and other advisory boards. The LAB will discuss any suggestions brought to their attention regarding changes to core library resources to determine their viability. The Director of Library Services will compile suggested changes and will forward to the Academics Committee at

Agenda: A detailed agenda including all proposals should be developed and presented for review at each meeting.

Membership: 10 members, including:

•             Director of Library Services ex-officio

•             One campus director and/or Department Head from each of the following program areas: Business & Accounting, Health Sciences, and                   Information Technology

•             Three student representatives from differing programs of study

•             Faculty representatives from: Business & Accounting (1), General Education (2), Health Sciences (1), and Information Technology (1)

•             One representative At Large

Potential members may volunteer or be recommended by campus or central administration.

Chair: Faculty elected by the membership

Meetings: The board will meet virtually three times per year in February, June, and October.

Minutes: Minutes of the meetings will be recorded and proposals for review will be compiled by the Director of Library Services and sent to the Academics Committee to be put on the agenda for the AC meetings. The meeting minutes should be placed on Share Point. These should be sent to