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Interlibrary Loan Policies

In order to expand our research services and resources to our students, the University of Fairfax is developing policies associated with interlibrary loan services that will enable students to obtain library materials not available via the library's subscription resources.

If you have a document that is needed for doctoral research that can not be found in the resources through the Library, contact the Library to determine if we can secure the document through InterLibrary Loan, or Submit an ILL Request Form.

Loan Procedures

Loan Quotas:

Loans will be limited to two items per term. A lending fee of $15 per item for additional materials is requested after the two-item maximum.

Non-Returnable Items such as Journal Articles:

Journal articles may be delivered via email, fax, or surface mail.

Returnable Items such as Books:

 Loaned items will be delivered to your mailing address. The library absorbs the sending cost only, and the patron must pay the return cost. Returnable items are subject to recall by the lending library at any time. Since lending periods vary from library-to-library, borrowing periods will be set by the University of Fairfax librarian.

Returnable items should be mailed using a trackable vendor of choice (FedEx, UPS,USPS priority mail,  etc) to:

Library, University of Fairfax
3361 Melrose Ave
PO Box 6400
Roanoke, VA 24017

Loan Timelines:

Normally, you should allow two weeks for interlibrary loan materials to arrive, but the amount of time can often be less depending upon the type of materials you want and what sort of library is able to supply them. Some institutions can furnish electronic materials in a day, and some offer materials at no charge.  In each case, however, staff  try to select those libraries which are recognized as supplying materials on a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Given these limitations, in some instances you will be able to receive materials faster through your nearby public library, which may have  reciprocal borrowing agreements with nearby college and university libraries. Students may also want to access “community patron” privileges with local college and university libraries. College alumni may also receive “community borrowing privileges” at a reduced fee, or possibly for free.

Lost/Damaged/Overdue Materials:

Users are responsible for all accrued charges in the event interlibrary loan materials are returned late, damaged or are lost.

The lending library sets the fines for overdue interlibrary loan items and the replacement charges, often including a processing fee, for lost or damaged materials. The borrowing patron is required to pay all incurred charges. Patrons with outstanding fees and fines and/or overdue interlibrary loan items will be blocked from placing further requests.


Interlibrary Loan and Copyright

These services comply with the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States, United States Copyright law (Title 17, United States Code, sections 107, 108{d,and g}, and 109), and the “CONTU”  Commission on new technological uses of copyrighted works” guidelines.

Section 107: Fair Use

Materials may be borrowed or lent without copyright infringement under “Fair Use” exemptions.

Reproduction – Section 108(d)

• Section 108 (d)

– The copy becomes the property of the user

– Library has had no notice that the copy will be

used for any purpose other than private study,

scholarship, or research

– Library displays prominently, at the place

where orders are accepted, and includes on

its order form, a warning of copyright.

Interlibrary Loan  - Section 108(g)

The University may participate in interlibrary loan arrangements as long as there is not excessive quantities of copying, and copying does not substitute for the subscription or purchase of a work.

Section 109: “First Sale” Doctrine

Under section 109 of United States Copyright Law:

University of Fairfax may borrow or lend(if a physical copy is available), these returnable items:


--Dissertations and Theses

– Microforms

– Videos

– DVDs

– CDs

--Whole issues or bound volumes of journals.

CONTU Guidelines

• “5/5 Rule” or “Rule of Five”

    As a BORROWING library, when requesting articles published  fewer than five years before date of request, if six or more articles from a single journal title are requested in a calendar year, the University should start a subscription to the journal. We would also have to pay royalties on articles that exceed this rule.

     As a result, ILL requests should be recorded and stored for a period of 3 years.